Express Yourself!

Rear-View Mirror Novelty Signs

Novelty Rear-View Mirror Parking Placards

Are you a chocoholic? Do you love your cat or dog? Maybe you're really into golf, soccer, fishing or another sport. Do you embrace your coffee addiction? Whatever you're interested in, express it with a rear-view mirror Novelty Sign from! 

We've created over 40 ways to express yourself with one of our hanging signs of fun. And honestly, the 70's are calling and they want their fuzzy dice and beads back! Update your rear-view mirror with something you're really interested in. Each one says something about you in a funny way. Simply hang one when you park, it's that easy! 

Have more than one interest you want to express? No problem, just get a novelty sign for each interest and switch them out when you want a change. (please watch our "Parking Placard Installation - Part 2" video below to learn the top strategies to change-out your placards.)

Installation Videos




Learn how to install your parking placards for the first time.


Learn how to change out multiple parking placards.


Bandanas with Attitude

Bandanas with AttitudeWant a new look for an upcoming event? Want it to be stylish, yet make people laugh? Then wear a Bandana with Attitude from GoofyThat! People wear them to parties, sporting events, festivals, and even just hanging out around town. They're great for sharing for selfies and will always lighten the mood at any event.

Each one comes with a full head of crazy-thick spiked hair in a different color along with a stylish bandana to complete the look. We have 9 crazy styles to choose from. Get the one that you think will make the biggest splash!